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The company has been very active in the film and entertainment space over the last few years, with some really great projects, including “Money Fight”. Additionally, the company completed production of 2 award-winning documentaries called “Love Letters to Shore” and “Ghosts of 33rd Street”, which will soon be marketed via various film festivals and our own digital streaming platform which launched in September 2021. The company has also successfully completed its newest documentary called “The Great Divide”, a political documentary about America Divided. This is the company’s 3rd wholly owned film. Finally, the company has successfully obtained approval to run its own Film festival in April 2022, called The Chester River Film Festival, in ChesterTown Md., which will be highlighting some of the world’s best up-and-coming film makers. http://bullittpointproperties.com/



Publically trading on the OTC Markets under ticker symbol: SNMN The company is working towards becoming fully reporting in 2022 with its focused and experienced management team.