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The company has been very active in the film and entertainment space over the last several years. One such success was “Money Fight”.


The company is a direct owner and investor in "Kholst", a cyber digital art platform, exhibiting digital art and allowing users to purchase off the back of blockchain smart contracts. It is the company's first introduction to NFTs, which is likely the future of art for decades to come.



The company is in the process of developing a range of cosmetic and skin care products under its “Cause” brand. The formula are proprietory to SNM Group and include several moisturisers and anti aging creams some including CBD oils, natural collogen and HGH enhancers and other natural ingredients. As the world becomes more focused on self-promotion through social media SMG intends to market this product through influencers and distribute it both via online and traditional retail distribution.

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Troy Lowman, comes from an extensive public markets and trading background. Consequently, he is well-positioned for raising capital and driving the company forward.

Troy Lowman
CEO - Chief Executive Officer

A visionary technology expert, who also developed CoffeeHub.

David Atkins

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Publically trading on the OTC Markets under ticker symbol: SNMN The company is working towards becoming fully reporting in 2022 with its focused and experienced management team.